Citrus Processors in Limpopo, South Africa

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Letaba Citrus Processors (LCP)

Of the 3 million orange-a-day capacity, 20-25% is normally obtained from Letaba Estates. At LCP we process 24/7 and our season starts in February with Lemons and ends in late October. Valencias are known for their juice attributes and the factory is perfectly situated on the banks of the Letaba river, in the heart of Valencia country.

Having the ability to process increases our options to market fruit. Our Consumer Brands, Nectars, Valencia Orange Squash and 100% Pure Lemon Juice NFC, extends our juice offering.

Our LCP Market
We supply food and beverage manufacturers with raw materials and unique ingredients worldwide, from the Americas, to Africa, Europe, China, Japan, Australia and New Zealand.

Our primary focus at LCP is to add value to the raw materials we produce from citrus fruit. Being a grower and producer in the heart of the Valencia production area of South Africa, coupled with our value of delivering on our promises, establishes LCP as strategically important to our customers.

Our main export products are Grapefruit concentrate, citrus cells, cold-pressed citrus oil, Lemon puree and Valencia concentrate.
Zero Waste Approach
The symbiotic relationship between Letaba Estates and LCP really works to our advantage. Nothing goes to waste on the Estate as even the produce not packed goes to LCP.

We extract the juice and produce the concentrate. As by-products we extract cells, Orange oil, produce cattle feed and even compost as a component for crop fertiliser. Even our effluent water is recycled to a combination of drinking and irrigating water. Therefore, nothing goes to waste at LCP either, enhancing sustainability of our business.